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SOGM 2018 Articles

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(January) Unoffended, Blessed Are The - 378 We will all be tempted to draw back from God. But great blessings await those who refuse to be offended. article / mp3

(February) Damaged People - 380 Some people just don't seem equipped to navigate through this world. Why those who are strong must help those who are not. article / mp3

(March) Priorities of a Believer - 385 Christians are different in many ways, and no two callings are exactly alike. But when it comes to priorities, there are three "biggies" which should be shared by every follower of Christ. article / mp3

(April) Discipleship and Salvation - 384 Can one be saved and not be a disciple of Jesus. In this study Dennis shares the necessity of life transformation in salvation. article / mp3

(May) Why doesn't God Do More? - We all know that God can do whatever He likes. So why doesn't He save more people, heal more people, defend more people...? article / mp3

(June) Love Them?," The Problem with "Just - 393 Often we are told that Christians are to "just love the sinners" and never judge them, never say a thing about their ungodly lifestyles. But is this really Biblical? article / mp3


SOGM Heralds in PDF form

January - Headline: Experiencing God's Grace in Nigeria
February - Headline: A Parable (about abortion)
March - Headline: Hide and Seek
April - Headline: Ministry in Cuba
May - Headline: John Newton and Amazing Grace
June - Headline: Called to Make Students

Various Article by Dennis Pollock

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Missions Outreach

A major part of Spirit of Grace Ministries is our ministry in the great continent of Africa. There is a tremendous harvest going on in the world these days, and we are privileged to be a part of it. Above is a brief music video featuring video clips and pics from our recent mission in Sengerema, Tanzania.

Audio Devo: "Why is there suffering?"

People have debated this question for millennia. And we cannot speak concerning specific individual questions of suffering, but the Bible clearly speaks as to why suffering has always been a part of the human experience.