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SOGM 2015 Articles

(Primary Articles)

January - Beyond the Minimum - In Christ we receive the love of God which always gives the maximum; never the minimum.

February - Jesus and the Coolness Factor - Why Jesus will never be considered cool by this world's standards.

March - Jesus Reveals The Father - If you want so see God, look at Jesus. An overview of what Jesus taught and how He demonstrated the nature of "Our Father Which Art In Heaven."

April - God's Foundation for Marriage - We are doing it all wrong! A study of God's foundation for marriage, and why so many marriages are on such shaky ground.

May - The Changing Church - In case you haven't noticed it - the church is changing! In this devotional we see why it must be this way, and some of the things that must never change.

June - Harry Houdini - Insights from the World's Greatest Escape Artist.

July - Jesus the Prophet - A look at the prophetic nature and gifting of the Lord Jesus, who operated as a prophet, as well as in other ministry gifts.

August - Equally Loved - Insights into Christ's commission for His people to take the gospel to all the nations. A study of the value of all people in the eyes of God

September - Disposable People - We throw away Styrofoam coffee cups, paper plates, and plastic razors. Sadly we also throw away people and relationships. A study of our need to preserve relationships.

October - Embracing the Culture of the Bible - A study of Biblical culture and how it is to affect believers today

November - Jesus' Love for the Scriptures - When we see just how respectful our Lord Jesus was of the Scriptures, we will come to recognize their importance in our lives

December - The Hyper-Grace Heresy - 253 A study of one of the latest heresies popular among some TV preachers: the idea that God never holds Christians accountable for their sins, and there is never, ever a need to repent or ask forgiveness of God.



SOGM Heralds in PDF form

January - Headline: Seasons of Up and Down
February - Headline: Vivien Leigh and Mental Illness
March - Headline: Jesus Christ Lifted Up in Kenya
April - Headline: 10th Anniversary!
May - Headline: Parable of Two Computers
June - Headline: Conversion of a Young Man
July - Headline: Preaching Christ in Uganda!
August - Headline: Don't Follow Your Heart!
September - Headline:The New Legalism
October - Headline: Finishing Well
November - Headline: Advancing the Kingdom of God in Kenya
December - Headline: Jesus, The Gentleman


Various Article by Dennis Pollock

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Missions Outreach

A major part of Spirit of Grace Ministries is our ministry in the great continent of Africa. There is a tremendous harvest going on in the world these days, and we are privileged to be a part of it. Above is a brief music video featuring video clips and pics from our recent mission in Nigeria in Oct/Nov, 2019.

Audio Devo: "Why is there suffering?"

People have debated this question for millennia. And we cannot speak concerning specific individual questions of suffering, but the Bible clearly speaks as to why suffering has always been a part of the human experience.